Put your gut first, and find your other healthier self

We now know that one way to positively affect your body, mind and immunity is through good gut health.

And we know that the benefits of probiotics are strengthened with the supporting power of prebiotics. Add to this specially selected vitamins and nutrients, and you have a very different approach to gut health that renews, reactivates and responds to your everyday life.

So put your gut first, and find your other healthier self.

It’s Elementelle, really.

Gut Health

Ingredients Matter

You want to feel reassured and confident about the choices you make for you and your family’s health. Which is why we’re committed to offering only ingredients that are backed by scientific evidence.

Our Ingredients
  • meet.the.morrisons

    Did you know that your gut health and immune system are closely linked?
    I’ve been taking probiotics for years but have just discovered @elementelleprobiotics_au The Sleep and Anxiety have really helped me fall asleep and stay asleep, and I’m feeling better overall.The Everyday Wellness is my favourite- it assists digestion, maintains gut flora and supports my immune system 👏

  • the.hills.mama

    Over the last year I've started noticing that I can be extremely short tempered a few days before my period is due. 😅 So I'm glad to have found the Elementelle Probiotics+ Women's Health & PMS Balance to try.It contains 2 strains of prebiotics and probiotics and helps reduce the occurrence of premenstrual tension symptoms (hubby and kids will be happy about this too!) and relieves abdominal bloating and menstrual cycle irregularities.You can head to Elementelle's website to find out more and to purchase some to try.

  • bybecjayne

    Probiotics have always been at the top of my list for health and well-being! It all starts with gut health and Elementelle Probiotcs+ have you covered with that plus so much more!⁣

    The Kids Immunity & Learning is a must for us, supporting the development of our girls brains and immune systems through the gut, healthy digestion and supporting a healthy microbiome. This is an orange flavour powder with a scoop included to give the correct dosage 😍⁣

    For me the Everyday Wellness is a must and I’m taking the Brain and Cognition (because ‘mum brain’ 😂) also the Sleep and Anxiety for my mental health! These all contain specialty ingredients aswell as prebiotic and probiotics.⁣

  • coffee.and.crayons

    Ending the year on a healthier note with Elementelle Probiotics+ ✨ This Aussie company is passionate about gut health. It makes sense because 70% of your immune system is found in your gut - so the better your gut health, the better your overall wellbeing and immunity.

    They have an amazing range including Sleep & Anxiety, Women’s Health & PMS Balance, Brain & Cognition, Everyday Wellness and Kids Immunity & Learning.Elementelle’s live probiotic strains help your good gut bacteria to flourish. By putting your gut first, you’re introducing yourself to your other healthier self

  • chelseawilliamson_

    Let’s talk about gut health! As you all know I’ve been going on a personal health journey lately and during this time I have learnt so much about how your gut is connected to all the other parts of your body from digestion to your hair growth and brain activity! (Mind officially blown) I have really loved incorporating the Elementelle Probiotics+ supplements into my routine to assist with my overall immunity, hair skin + nail health and gut health! It’s the perfect probiotics for just overall wellbeing ✨

  • alexsfitlife_

    Let’s talk gut health! Your body is full of billions of bacteria, viruses and fungi. They are collectively known as the microbiome. There are some easy ways to support the growth of healthy microbes in your gut and it mostly comes down to what you consume! It is important to eat a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, whole grains and fermented foods as well as supporting your gut with a pre/probiotic. I’ve been trialling Ellementelle probiotics for the past few months, they have a whole range of probiotics!! They combine their pre and probiotics with speciality vitamins to create targeted products and I just know there will be one to suit you and your specific needs! I’ve been taking the hair, skin and nails blend, as well as supporting my gut health, they also cover my hair and skin health and helped my nails recover after 6 months of SNS! You only need to take one a day, they are vegan friendly and don’t need to be kept in the fridge!! I have finished my first bottle and now onto the second and have noticed massive improvements!

  • aaronwingreen

    Elementelle Probiotics+ Brain and Cognition helping me stay focused while improving my memory and mental recall

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