Important questions to ask before you buy a probiotic (or prebiotic) supplement

Important questions to ask before you buy a probiotic (or prebiotic) supplement

While scientists have long known about the strong links between the gut and the rest of the body, they’ve only recently begun to understand how incredibly significant the impact of good gut health is on overall well being.

Gaining the good bacteria your gut needs to be healthy starts with a balanced diet, but sometimes diet alone isn’t enough.

Poor soil quality and modern farming are known to change the nutritional value of food for the worse. Throw pesticides, GMOs and food additives into the mix and you have a potential recipe for disaster when it comes to dietary balance and diversity. Not to mention over-processing and the sometimes scary detours your food takes between leaving the farm and landing on your table.

Quality probiotic and prebiotic supplements can bridge the gap when diet and lifestyle changes fall short of achieving your goals. But when it comes to choosing a supplement, it’s important to know that not all products are created equal.

Here are some questions to ask before you buy:

  1. Are the supplements of sufficient quality, strength and purity?

It’s important to choose a manufacturer or supplier that demonstrates a clear commitment to quality, and one that has access to the latest scientific developments in the area of probiotic research.

Aim to buy supplements that have the optimal potency and mix of ingredients and where all components are traceable and free of artificial colours, dyes and synthetic fillers.

The importance of prebiotics in creating the foundation for good gut health have been clearly demonstrated so you may want to choose products that combine both probiotics and prebiotics in their formulations.

  1. Have the supplements been independently tested?

Whether your probiotic supplement is sufficiently potent and meets all the relevant standards depends on each batch being tested using independent, third-party laboratories such as the Australian Government National Measurement Institute.

Research the manufacturer’s profile and check product labels for this type of independent quality assurance.

  1. Are the ingredients environmentally friendly?

Are your supplements GMO-free and vegan friendly? Have they been manufactured by a company with a commitment to environmentally-conscious production and packaging, and one that leaves a low carbon footprint?

  1. How have the supplements been stored and handled?

The potency of probiotic and prebiotic products can be affected by how they’re stored and handled. You should choose a product that’s well within its use-by date and is shelf-stable. If the supplement requires refrigeration you should ask whether it’s been properly stored before you buy it.

  1. How do the supplements help with your specific health issues?

Finding the most effective and complementary strains of probiotics and prebiotics is key to getting the health benefits you need. Some supplements are combined with additional vitamins, minerals or other nutrients to deliver specific health benefits.

Keep your individual health profile in mind when choosing a probiotic or prebiotic supplement, and always choose one with the appropriate strains and combinations of additional ingredients to help you get the particular results you want.

Ask a medical professional for help if you’re unsure of whether a supplement will work for you.When it comes to choosing a premium probiotic and prebiotic supplement you can’t go wrong with Elementelle Probiotics+. We have exclusive access to scientifically validated probiotic breakthroughs, and our products are developed in world-class laboratories where they are independently tested for quality, potency and purity.