New Aussie Start-Up to Improve Gut Health

New Aussie Start-Up to Improve Gut Health

New Australian start-up Pacific Blue Health has launched a range of Australian made probiotic products designed to improve the health of millions of Australians affected by gut health problems.

With the backing of South Korean pharmaceutical giant CKD Holdings, Pacific Blue Health has launched the Elementelle Probiotics+ range in Australia with ambitious plans already for expansion.

Four products launched today in Priceline stores and online – Healthy Ageing, Brain and Cognition, Hair, Skin and Nails; and Kids, Immunity and Learning – utilising a series of clinically trialled and patented probiotics. 

 Pacific Blue Health Founder John Kim says not all probiotics are the same but Elementelle Probiotics+ is Australian made and sources only the finest ingredients. 

“What sets Elementelle Probiotics+ apart from other probiotics on the market is a unique patented technology from CKD that protects the probiotics from being destroyed by stomach acid.

“We ensure Elementelle Probiotics+ has optimal potency, combined for the highest efficacy and safety.

“We use pharmaceutical grade ingredients with a focus on sourcing everything from Australia that is also GMO-free and vegan friendly.

“In my home country of South Korea, one in three people already take the CKD range of probiotics. 

“By using CKD drug delivery technology and only the best probiotics and prebiotics and specific vitamins and minerals, we have developed an exciting range for the Australian market.”

Many Australians suffer gut health problems with conditions such as bloating, flatulence, pain and poor bowel habits affecting them every single day.

Pacific Blue’s General Manager of Marketing and Sales, Matthew Flint, says relief is at hand and Australia was a natural choice to launch the product.

“We called the product Elementelle because it’s elemental to your overall health.

 “If you don’t have your gut health, it’s going to have multiple negative effects including poor nutrient absorption, poor bowel habits, damaged immunity and poor sleep habits.” 

“The Australian market is very multicultural so it’s a good place to test our product. If we succeed here, we feel we can become a world-wide brand. 

“As a start-up, we believe that if we can show we have this good culture and ethos, we’ll attract the best people and win over new customers.

“We’re committed to offering only ingredients that are backed by scientific evidence; that are transparently sourced; that are independently tested for quality, potency and purity; that are based on effectiveness, not expense.

“In our hair, skin and nails formula we have an ingredient called Lycopene, which in clinical trials has been shown to improve skin smoothness, thickness and radiance. No-one else has this in the Australian market.

“We use the purest form of Vitamin K2 which has been clinically trialled to support bone and heart health in our healthy ageing formula.

“All the products use the scientifically-validated probiotic related to the condition.”