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How should I store my Elementelle Proibiotics+?

It’s important to store below 25C in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight to ensure the stability of the probiotics and to maintain the integrity and efficacy of the product until the expiration date.

What ingredients are included

There is a detailed breakdown of each ingredient and their core function in each products information page.

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Are Elementelle Probiotics+ Included on the Australian register of therapeutic goods (ARTG) with an Aust L number?

Yes. All Elementelle Probiotics+ are included on the ARTG in accordance with their strict regulations and guidelines. They are tested to world class standards for quality, safety and efficacy.

Are Elementelle Probiotics+ gluten and dairy free?

Some of our range is gluten and dairy free, and GMO free and we also offer some Vegan friendly options too. Please refer to the ingredients page for more information.

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What are Elementelle Probiotics+ made from?

The capsules are 100% vegan friendly and made from hypromellose, a plant cellulose material derived from softwood trees which are environmentally harvested.

Is there a right time to take Elementelle Probiotics+? Can they be taken with or without food?

We recommend taking Elementelle Probiotics+ with food, based on the latest high quality scientific evidence for the best time to take probiotics.

Where are Elementelle Probiotics+ manufactured?

Proudly made in Australia, In Queensland on the Gold Coast in a TGA and GMP certified facility.

How long can I take Elementelle Probiotics+?

Each product is specifically formulated for a particular health outcome. As everyone is different, it is difficult to confirm how long is best for your individual needs. We suggest 3 months is a good start, but talk to your healthcare practitioner for advice regarding your specific circumstance.

How long does it take for Elementelle Probiotics+ to work?

Our products contain high quality probiotics and specialty vitamins, minerals and nutrients. You will get the goodness after your first dose, but as everyone is different it is best to talk to your healthcare practitioner. We generally find that people feel great after one bottle then want to continue to maintain the benefits.

Does my Elementelle Probiotics+ interact with medications?

All mandatory warnings regarding potential interactions are included on the label to help you make informed choices. If you are taking medications you should always consult with a pharmacist or health care professional to make sure the product is right for you.

Should I tell my doctor that I am taking Elementelle Probiotics+?

It’s always good practice to tell your healthcare practitioners about any medications or supplements you are taking, so they can give you the best advice for your specific circumstance.

If you have more questions, we’re all ears. 

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